2019 Women’s Leadership Roundtable

On Thursday, July 18, 2019, I attended the annual Women’s Leadership Roundtable event, organized by Stewart McKelvey, the International Women’s Forum, and Ashanti Leadership. Last year was my first time of attending and it was exciting to be able to attend this year.

It was a great honour to be in the midst of inspirational, accomplished and brilliant women.

The keynote speakers were Laura Lee Langley and Ghada Gabr. Laura Lee Langley is a deputy minister in the office of the Premier of Nova Scotia, while Ghada Gabr is a top notch pharmacist, who owns multiple Shoppers Drug Mart stores.

…with Laura Lee Langley
…with Ghada Gabr

Both of them were inspiring and phenomenal. Especially Ghada Gabr, whom I could resonate with being a woman, immigrant and woman of colour. Her speech was so great that we gave her a standing ovation. Please watch some snippets of their speeches on our instagram page: @LifeinNovaScotia. You just could be inspired and motivated too.

So much is going on in Nova Scotia and we can only hope for the better for this beautiful province. It gladdens my heart to see and experience such measurable growth. We are not where we want to be as a province but we are definitely not where we used to be, so much noticeable growth is happening and Laura gave some insights, even though she also acknowledged the challenges of the province.

Thanks to Ann Divine, Candace Thomas and the team for putting together such a wonderful gathering.

It was a delight to meet other women doing great in our community. It was generally a great time with lots to eat, drink and a fantastic opportunity to network.

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