About Us


We warmly welcome you to this website; a website that would be focusing on Life in Nova Scotia.
This idea came about by a couple who moved to Canada on August 5th, 2016. Abdulganiyu Onabanjo and Sherifat Onabanjo moved from their home country, Nigeria in Africa to Canada with their 2 young children, Nabeel and Nabeelah.

Mr. & Mrs. Onabanjo
Our first point of contact on Canadian soil was Montreal in Quebec, with our final destination been Halifax, Nova Scotia. We landed in Montreal on August 5th 2016, spent a night and landed in Nova Scotia on August 6th, 2016. We choose Nova Scotia because we had researched about the province and we love what we read and heard about Nova Scotia; from education, housing, raising a family, recreation e.t.c. So we applied and received a Provincial Nomination from the Nova Scotia. This provincial nomination under the Federal Express Entry immigration program contributed greatly to our immigration process to Canada as economic skilled workers, so we feel forever indebted to this beautiful province called Nova Scotia.

We have been living in Halifax, Nova Scotia since August 6th, 2016 and our experience has been an awesome one. Words fail us to even fully enumerate it all. We absolutely love this beautiful atlantic province in the Maritimes.

Today Sunday, August 5th, 2018 marks our second year anniversary in Canada and we decided to launch this website on this second anniversary of ours.

We would like to immensely thank Nova Scotia and Canada for making us feels at home in their province and country respectively.
So this website is mainly to share our personal experiences in Nova Scotia and more importantly to also share other people’s experiences, thoughts, expectations, plans e.t.c for this province, especially from an immigrant’s perspective.

Even though, we have had a beautiful ride so far; it has not been all bliss as we have had good, bad and ugly times, though the good times outweigh the bad and ugly sides.

We hope this website would be worth your while as we are excited to bring you along this journey.

Have a fun ride and thank you for stopping by.

We hope to see you again and please spread a word about this website.

Meanwhile, it’s Natal Day tomorrow, Monday August 6th, 2018. We wish you a happy Natal Day.