Feedback Regarding Canada Being Number 1 in Best Quality of Life

These below comments just encapsulate my thoughts. Sometimes, we don’t value what we have till we loose it or have a taste of another sour experience.

These comments came under a post about Canada being the number 1 in the world for Best Quality of Life. The post had many negative things about Canada by supposedly Canadians. So I was glad to read these positive ones. Like I noted earlier,Canada isn’t all bliss, but it still affords one a better life.

Let me give you few scenarios. At NSCC, for instance, international students pay about $12,000 per year, while domestic students (citizens and permanent residents) pay less than $5,000 (depending on the program). Do you see the difference? Do you know that students in Canada still has access to student loans? Just few weeks ago, Nova Scotia launched the student loan forgiveness programs program.

When my mom visited from Nigeria recently when I had my baby, I took her for some basic medical check up and I paid through my nose. Meanwhile, citizens and permanent residents pay nothing to access healthcare. A lady came to Canada to have her baby and she told me all the money she had to pay, I was so dumbfounded and grateful because I didn’t pay a dime when I had my baby.

I could go on and on about the many benefits of living in Canada. I understand that we pay taxes, it’s good to know my taxes are working for me, people in some countries cannot boast of that, so I am very grateful for the opportunity to call Canada home.

Do you live in Canada? What are you grateful for in Canada?

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