Increase In Canada Child Benefit

The Canada Child Benefit is getting an increase to keep up with the cost of living in Canada.

Employment Minister, Jean-Yves Duclos made the announcement today Monday May 6, 2019 that the benefit to parents with children under the age of 18 will increase on July 20, 2019 making the maximum benefit to $6,639 for each child under the age of 6 and $5,602 for each child between the ages of 6 and 17.

In 2018, families could get a maximum of $6,496 for each child under the age of 6 and up to $5,481 for each child between 6 and 17.

The increase means families with children under the age of 6 could get up to an extra $143 for each child this year.

Those with kids between 6 and 17 could get an additional $121 per child.

The Canada child benefit (CCB) is a
tax-free monthly payment made to eligible families to help them with the cost of raising children under 18 years of age. The CCB might include the child disability benefit and any related provincial and territorial programs.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) uses information from your income tax and benefit return to calculate how much your CCB payments will be. To get the CCB, you have to file your return every year, even if you did not have income in the year. If you have a spouse or common-law partner, they also have to file a return every year.

Benefits are paid over a 12-month period from July of one year to June of the next year. Your benefit payments will be recalculated every July based on information from you and your spouse’s (if applicable) income tax and benefit returns from the previous year.

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