Journey To Becoming A Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)

I am working on becoming a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).

From research, only one institution in Nova Scotia offers a course that helps one gain knowledge before doing the qualifying exam & it’s Dalhousie University (College of Continuing Education).

It’s UBC Certificate in Immigration as it’s in partnership with University of British Columbia. I’m dotting my Is & crossing my Ts. It’s not as ‘easy’ as I envisaged, shout out to all RCICs.

The program is 6 or 8 months (full time or part time) &the school fees is ALOT. It’s not even eligible for student loans as it’s deemed non-credit, professional development except one wants to source for a student line of credit from one’s bank, let us not talk about the interest rate. It’s an online course that can be done anywhere, there isn’t a local or international fees, everyone pays the same. There are other requirements like IELTS, regardless of whether you speak English, whether you live in Canada or not.

Though Dalhousie university allows you to pay per course at the start of each course (the program comprises of 7 courses), though it would be more expensive in the long run.

Anyways, pending while I get licensed, I would be offering assistance on the Canadian Immigration process (permanent residence, study & visit visas) owning from my personal experience and would continue to provide information regarding the programs on our website.

As I indicated above, I am NOT licensed YET, I’d just be pointing you in the right direction as I get loads of messages from family, friends, acquaintances and other people regarding this on a regular basis. I won’t be representing you nor filling an application on your behalf because the profession is a highly regulated one. I’ve been assisting people in this process for almost 3 years. You can see some feedback below, I am happy to send helpful links to people on this journey.

I am also happy to refer you to licensed consultants if you want that & there are tons of information on our website regarding the process if you are also looking to do it yourself, which is possible. There are articles on express entry, provincial nominee program e.t.c on our website, just browse through.

Since I write about my Canadian experiences, I just thought to share this with my online family.

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