When To Change To Summer Tires

When should you change to summer tires?
When temperatures begin to hover around seven degrees Celsius, it’s a good time to consider making the switch. Summer tires begin to lose some of their grip as the temperature drops below this point, while winter tires begin to wear out and offer less response as the thermometer rises above seven degrees.

The temperature has been good lately, Spring has finally sprung in Nova Scotia. I’m already counting down to summer though 😊. So my husband changed the tires over the weekend by himself, from winter to summer tires. I didn’t know there were summer and winter tires till we moved to Canada. There are some called all season tires.

One of the things I miss about Nigeria is affordable labour, especially mechanics. The mechanics in Canada are ‘balling’ 😊, you need to book an appointment, some don’t open weekends. Anyways, the good side is that one rarely need to visit a mechanic’s workshop on a regular basis as the roads are considerably good. The charges for some service in Canada would push you to become a DIY (Do It Yourself) person (whether by choice or by force 😊). Though my husband has been a DIY person even before we moved to Canada. I’ve also learned more DIY skills.

Which of your DIY skill has become handy since you moved to Canada? If you are planning to relocate here, what skill(s) are you learning or do you have? I have a friend that makes hair, sews clothes, bakes cakes and pastries. I know of people who also do their painting. This is not to say people don’t patronize these services providers, we do, it just also makes economic sense to be able to have some DIY skills, asides from saving money, you’d also be saving time as many services require you to book a prior appointment.

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